Our Club.

Passion is never-ending.

Fellows are everywhere.

Linked through desire.

Feeling free.

Onda F.C Logo grey

We believe that passion for football is never-ending and that there are football fellows everywhere you are.

We are here to link you with other fellows through our common love for football.

Providing you a platform to enjoy a football club and all of its matters, whenever, wherever.


Que ONDA?!

Whats up?!

Buena ONDA!

Good vibe!

Nueva ONDA.

The new wave.

Our O-N-D-A promises

Not just pick-up football games. Together we build a club, and the greatness of our club & community is established by our members who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

We are your nexus, opening doors towards friendships, personal growth & a (off-pitch) lifestyle. Football as a means to connect you to your city Valencia and all of its matters.

We are driven by the desire to let you perform, enjoy, be engaged and to feel physically & emotionally fulfilled in your daily active life whenever, wherever.

Reliable, always, everywhere, anywhere. Ensuring high quality games, events & solid connections. Organised by us for you.

Our club ethics

1. We respect & accept each other

2. We are positively inspired by passion & fun

3. We play & act as a team

4. We involve & connect people

Our hosts

Our hosts have only one goal, to ensure you have a great time. Wherever, whenever, to enjoy our football club in Valencia at its best.

These hosts ensure a warm welcome, the right materials, balanced teams & that everything runs smoothly and nobody gets injured. You can also expect them at our club events & social activities.

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Feel free to reach out to us using the livechat or one of our other channels.

Terms & conditions

For more information about our services, policies regarding the games & events check out our terms & conditions!