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Last Updated December 1, 2023

Welcome to ONDA F.C. S.L. (in this document referred to as ONDA F.C.) ! These Terms of Use (“Terms”) are a contract between you and ONDA F.C. S.L. with related fiscal information:

NAME: ONDA F.C. Sociedad Limitada
NIF: B72672512 

 (“ONDA F.C.” or “we”) and govern your access to and use of any ONDA F.C. website, mobile web-app or content (the “Site”) or any experiences, activities, events, services, and/or products made available through ONDA F.C.. Please read these Terms carefully before accessing and/or using the Site and/or events.

Terms of Use.

a) Acceptance of Terms. By accessing and/or using the Site and/or products and/or events, or clicking any button to indicate your consent, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms, just as if you had agreed to these Terms in writing. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not use the Site or any related services from ONDA F.C.
b) Amendment of Terms. ONDA F.C. may amend the Terms from time to time. Unless we provide a delayed effective date, all amendments will be effective upon posting of such updated Terms. Your continued access to or use of the Site or events/products after such posting constitutes your consent to be bound by the Terms, as amended.
c) Additional Terms. In addition to these Terms, certain plans, offers, products, services, elements or features may also be subject to additional terms, conditions guidelines or rules which may be posted, communicated or modified by us or applicable third parties at any time. Your use of any such plan, offer, product, service, element or feature is subject to those additional terms and conditions, which are hereby incorporated by reference into the Terms, provided that in the event of any conflict between such additional terms and the Terms, the Terms shall control. The ONDA F.C. Privacy Policy is hereby incorporated by reference.

2. ONDA F.C. Web(app)

We try hard to make sure that our website is always available and working, but we cannot guarantee it will be. Occasionally things may not go exactly as planned. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
We are continually improving our website. This means that we may modify or discontinue portions of our website. By using our website, you agree to the limitations of liability and release in our Terms & conditions.

a) ONDA F.C. Website & web-app. The website & web-app enables consumers to reserve, schedule, purchase, access and attend a wide range of recreational events & sport related products/services offered and operated by ONDA F.C..ONDA F.C. itself doesn’t own venues or football fields themselves but organizes football events on existing locations/fields/facilities. ONDA F.C. organizes the events and ensures it is well hosted and facilitated to its users.

b) Membership Options. There are a number of ways to purchase ONDA F.C. events & products such as various subscription plans, promotional plans, and non-subscription purchases. These options consist of different services and features and may be subject to additional and differing conditions, prices, policies and limitations. We reserve the right to modify, terminate or otherwise amend our offered options and plans at any time in our discretion. From time to time we may permit non-subscribers to access certain events, content or features for a cost or at no cost. ONDA F.C. makes no commitment on the quantity, availability, type or frequency at which such events, content and features will be available to non-subscribers and may modify, discontinue, remove or suspend access at any time and for any reason in our sole discretion.

c) Subscription Plans. A subscription starts on the date that you sign up for a subscription and submit payment via a valid Payment Method (defined below) or reactivate a pre-existing subscription. Unless we otherwise communicate a different time period to you at the time of sign up or otherwise, each billing cycle is one month in length (a “Subscription Cycle”). Your ONDA F.C. subscription automatically renews each month, and we will automatically bill the monthly subscription fee to your Payment Method each month, until your subscription is cancelled or terminated. For example, if you purchase your ONDA F.C. subscription on January 4, your subscription will automatically renew on february 4 (as further explained in “Subscription Cycles,” below). You must provide us with a current, valid, accepted method of payment (“Payment Method”). We may update the accepted methods from time to times. If you add a subscription to your base subscription or if you upgrade or downgrade to a different subscription, all such subscriptions will be governed by these Terms and will continue indefinitely until canceled or terminated.

d) Use of Credits. Depending on the subscription plan you choose and purchase, you will be allotted credits to be used solely to book events each Subscription Cycle. You can choose how you use your credits across the various events available to you. Credits can only used by you, you are not able to share credits with other members. you can only sign up for credit product/events individually.
Credits expire at the end of each Subscription Cycle, meaning that any credits you don’t use during the applicable Subscription Cycle will not roll over into future months, unless we expressly communicate otherwise. You can see how many credits you have left in each Subscription Cycle in your account settings. If your subscription is canceled or terminated your unused credits will expire immediately. There will be no refund or payment for any unused amount. When your cycle automatically renews for the next month, you’ll automatically receive your new allotment of credits. If you have any questions about how to use your credits, please contact us and we can help you.

Credits have no cash value or any other value outside of the ONDA F.C. Website & web app platform and are not redeemable for cash. For the avoidance of doubt, the credits do not operate or serve as stored value facilities in any way. You may not transfer, trade, gift or otherwise exchange ONDA F.C. credits.

Separate single credits can be bought as well (beside the subscription) Single credits provide you the same service as mentioned above in the subscriptions. However, for those credits there is no expiration period. Single credits can be used as long as your ONDA F.C. account is active.

e) Availability and Allocation. The exact number events you take during any Subscription Cycle will depend on the number of credits needed to book the events you select. The number of credits needed to book a particular event can vary but mostly will be 1 credit per event (variation can be determined based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to Venue requirements, facilities, location, pricing, popularity and other characteristics. ONDA F.C. also reserves the right to change the number of credits you receive, including per cycle, plan,; the number of reservations you can make; and/or the number of events you can miss or cancel.
ONDA F.C. does not guarantee the availability of particular Venues, locations, events, services, experiences, content, spots or other features, and availability may change over time and at any time (including during the course of any given Subscription Cycle). The type, quantity, credits, allocation and availability of Venues, events and other inventory offered, are determined by ONDA F.C. in its sole discretion. ONDA F.C. takes certain steps to release, promote and otherwise make available spots and inventory at varying times and in an ongoing and evolving way.

g) Non-Subscription Purchases. ONDA F.C. may permit you to purchase certain products or events through the Site, in addition to your subscription or without having a subscription. You acknowledge and agree that these Terms apply to any such purchase you make, and you will be responsible to pay the applicable fees, which may change at any time.

h) ONDA F.C. Account. Your ONDA F.C. account is personal to you and you agree not to create more than one account. You cannot transfer or gift credits to third parties or allow third parties to use your ONDA F.C. account, including other ONDA F.C. users. You must not use or exploit the Site and/or events for commercial purposes. We continually update and test various aspects of the ONDA F.C. website. We reserve the right to, and by using the Site and/or events you agree that we may, include you in or exclude you from these tests without notice. You understand and agree that ONDA F.C. may take actions we deem reasonably necessary to prevent fraud and abuse.
You agree that the information you provide to ONDA F.C. at sign up and at all other times will be true, accurate, current, and complete and that you will keep this information accurate and up-to-date at all times. When you sign up, you will be asked to create a password. You are solely responsible for all activity that occurs under your account, including any activity by unauthorized users. To use the Site you must have access to the Internet. You are solely responsible for providing your own access (e.g., computer, mobile device, Internet connection, etc.) to the Site and events.

i) Eligibility. The availability of all or part of our Site and/or events/games may be limited based on geographic, age, or other criteria as we may establish from time to time. You understand and agree we may disallow you from subscribing to ONDA F.C. or may terminate your subscription at any time based on these criteria. For example, you must be 18 years of age or older to use the Site and/or games/event and/or purchase a ONDA F.C. subscription. You further understand that the Site and/or events/games may not be available in every geography.

j) Communications: By providing your information or creating an account, you agree that ONDA F.C. may contact you by email, direct mail, telephone or text messages at any of the addresses or phone numbers, as applicable, provided by you or on your behalf in connection with a ONDA F.C. account, including for marketing purposes. You may opt-out of marketing emails via the provided unsubscribe link or otherwise opt-out by contacting us at any time. For more information about this please read our Privacy Policy

k) Subscribing Organizations. If you have express permission from ONDA F.C. to open or use an account on behalf of a company, entity, or organization (a “Subscribing Organization”), then you represent and warrant that you are an authorized representative of such organization with the authority to bind such it to these Terms; and agree to be bound by these Terms on its behalf.

3. Fees, Billing, Cancellation

a) Recurring Billing. By initiating a ONDA F.C. subscription, you authorize us to charge you for your initial subscription period and a recurring monthly subscription fee at the then current rate, which may change from time to time. You acknowledge that the amount billed each month may vary for reasons that may include differing amounts due to promotional offers and/or changing or adding a plan, and you authorize us to charge your Payment Method for such varying amounts, which may be billed monthly in one or more charges. You also authorize us to charge you any other fees you may incur in connection with your use of the Site, such as any applicable sign-up fee, taxes and cancellation or late fees, as further explained below. Note that even if you do not use the subscription or access the Site and/or events, you will be responsible for subscription fees until you cancel your subscription, or it is otherwise terminated.

b) Subscription Cycle. When you sign up and purchase your ONDA F.C. subscription, your first Subscription Cycle will be billed immediately. Unless we expressly communicate otherwise, your subscription will automatically renew each month and you will be billed on the same date each month. We reserve the right to change the timing of our billing (and if we do, we’ll make adjustments to the amounts we charge, as appropriate). In the event your paid subscription began on a day not contained in a given month, we may bill your Payment Method on a day in the applicable month or such other day as we deem appropriate. For example, if you started your ONDA F.C. membership or became a paying member on January 31st, your next payment date is likely to be February 28th, and your Payment Method would be billed on that date. Your renewal date may change due to changes in your subscription.

c) Refunds. Generally, our fees (including the monthly fee for your membership and any other fees) are nonrefundable unless we specifically communicate otherwise at the time of purchase. However, we will provide a refund to subscribers for their current prepaid subscription period only in the following circumstances: (i) if you are canceling your subscription and request a refund within 1 day of the date of your first payment for your subscription or (ii) if your subscription is cancelled prior to the end of a period for which you have incurred a charge, due to your relocation, disability or death; provided, however, in each case we reserve the right to charge a fee to cover the cost of any event or other services or products you may have used or received prior to your cancellation and to ask for proof of such changed condition, to the extent permitted by law. WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS OR MAKE GOODS FOR ANY PRIOR MONTHS INCLUDING FOR UNUSED CREDITS OR EVENTS.

d) Price Changes. We reserve the right to adjust pricing at any time. Unless we expressly communicate otherwise, any price changes to your subscription will take effect on your next billing cycle upon notice communicated through a posting on the ONDA F.C. website or mobile applicable or such other means as we may deem appropriate from time to time, such as email. If you do not cancel your subscription, you will be deemed to have accepted these new fees.

e) Payment Methods. You may edit your Payment Method information by logging onto our website or mobile app and editing it in your account settings. If a payment is not successfully settled due to expiration, insufficient funds or otherwise, you nonetheless will remain responsible for any uncollected amounts and authorize us to continue billing the Payment Method or any other payment method you have provided, as it may be updated, including in the event you attempt to create a new account, reactivate the unsettled account or sign up for a new account. This may result in a change to your payment billing dates. If we cannot charge your account, we reserve the right, but are not obligated, to terminate your access to our Site or any portion thereof.

f) Cancellation of Subscription. Unless we communicate otherwise, you may terminate your subscription at any time before your subscription renews by going into your account settings on the ONDA F.C. website and letting us know you would like to cancel. Unless we communicate otherwise, following any cancellation you will continue to have access to your subscription & credits through the end of your current prepaid Subscription Cycle.

g) Other Fees & refund credits. You are responsible for paying applicable fees if you do not cancel a event you had reserved with appropriate notice or do not attend your scheduled event, including the applicable fees. See paragraph 6 in this document for more information on the credit refund policy. We reserve the right to change the policy regarding when we charge fees, to introduce additional fees (such as a sign-up fee) and to change the amount of any such fees at any time.

h) Reservation and Cancellation of events.

Reservations are confirmed by booking through the website. Users book their spot using ONDA F.C. Credits or fiat money (for specific events). Cancellation of our games & events can be done by sending a mail to [email protected] or to chat with us utilizing the chat function on the website or whatsapp. Important!:

– Game cancellations for afternoon/evening games can only be refunded if cancelled 4 hours before starting time of the game.
– Game cancellations for morning games can only be refunded if cancelled the evening before the day of the morning game before 8.00PM
– Small events, events <30 people, cancellations can only be refunded if cancelled 48 hours before starting time of the event
– Big events (tournaments), events 30+ people, cancellations can only be refunded if cancelled 1 week before starting time of the event`

i) Weather & Third Party Related Field Closures and Game Cancellations
In the event of a weather alarm declared by the government, it may be necessary for us to close the field. We will promptly inform all users in such cases and refund any credits associated with the affected games. Furthermore, we, as the company, reserve the right to cancel a game due to changing weather conditions and will duly notify the players involved.

In the unfortunate circumstance that weather conditions deteriorate during an ongoing game, our refund policy is as follows: If the game has been played for more than 45 minutes (equivalent to 75% of the game), no credit refunds will be issued.

Please note that the safety and well-being of our users are of paramount importance, and these measures are implemented to ensure a fair and secure experience for all. By participating in our activities, users acknowledge and agree to adhere to these terms.

In any other case where ONDA F.C. has no control over the situation and has to cancel its game, the players will be notified as soon as possible and a credit refund will be issued.

4. Promotions
a) Trials. From time to time we may offer a trial credit that includes access to the events. This credit can be obtained by subscribing on the ONDA F.C. website and will function as a normal single credit as mentioned earlier. You can use the credit to access all events and services ONDA F.C.. Also these Credits are non transferable.
b) Extra credits. ONDA F.C. may offer additional types of offers and promotions which will be subject to additional terms and conditions that ONDA F.C. may provide.

h) Fair use disclaimer

Fair use, Subscription/Memberships:

Our membership subscriptions can be cancelled anytime during the month. However if we recognize that users multiple times purchase a membership and cancel the membership directly the next day in order to benefit from the cheaper prizes for only these weeks we can prohibit that user from getting a new membership. If this case happens 3 times/months in a row we are allowed to prohibit the user from getting a membership.

Fair use of free credit

To ensure a fair and equitable experience for all users, please note the following terms regarding the creation of multiple accounts with different email addresses to exploit our free trial:

  1. Eligibility: The free trial is intended for new users only and is limited to one account per individual or entity.

  2. Account Verification: We employ various measures to detect and prevent multiple account creation, including email address verification and advanced technologies.

  3. Consequences: Violation of the multiple account creation policy may result in account termination and forfeiture of associated benefits without/with prior notice.

  4. Fair Usage: Creating multiple accounts undermines the purpose of the trial and denies others the opportunity to experience our services.

  5. Legal Ramifications: Unlawful actions, such as fraudulent account creation, may have legal consequences under applicable laws.

By using our services, you agree to comply with these terms. We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time.

5. Termination or Modification by ONDA F.C.
You understand and agree that, at any time and without prior notice ONDA F.C. may (1) terminate, cancel, deactivate, disable, delete and/or suspend your subscription, your account, any orders placed, or your access to or use of the Site, your membership and/or events (or any portion thereof, including but not limited to your access to any or all Venues, credits or events or services) and/or (2) discontinue, disable, suspend, modify or alter any aspect, feature or policy of the Site , including of your subscription. This includes the right to terminate or modify any subscription prior to the end of any pre-paid or committed period. Upon any termination or otherwise, we may immediately deactivate your account and all related information and/or bar any further access to your account information and the Site. ONDA F.C. shall have no liability for, and you shall have no recourse for, any such termination or deactivation, except as set forth in the following sentence. If you are subscriber, then upon any such termination by us without cause, as your sole recourse, we will issue you a pro rata refund of the prepaid portion of your subscription applicable to future unused services (less any fees or costs for events or services already used). If we determine that you have violated these Terms or otherwise engaged in illegal or improper use of your membership, events and/or the Site, you will not be entitled to any refund and you agree that we will not be responsible to pay any such refund. You agree that ONDA F.C. will not be liable to you or any third party for any termination or modification to the service regardless of the reason for such termination or modification. You acknowledge that your only right with respect to any dissatisfaction with any modification or discontinuation of service made by us is to cancel or terminate your subscription. If ONDA F.C. deletes your account for these reasons, you may not re-register for or use the Site and/or events under any other user name, email, payment method or profile. ONDA F.C. may block your access to the Site to prevent re-registration.

6. Event participation
a) Event information. The games/ events of ONDA F.C. take place on the date, time & location as shown on the website and event confirmation email. ONDA F.C. ensures good organization and a Host at the events who will host the event, ensures the materials and leads the event. ONDA F.C. keeps the rights to change data, time & location if necessary.

B) Website booking. Users book games/events utilizing the ONDA F.C. website. After subscribing on the website users buy credits in order to book events/games. In any case the user needs to have the appropriate amount of credits on their account to book the game. For specified events users can book and pay online with fiat money as well.

C) Maximum tickets available. ONDA F.C. games/events might have a maximum amount of spots available for attendees. ONDA F.C. is responsible for managing the number of tickets available on the website. And will also provide a service for a waitlist if the maximum amount of tickets available is reached.

D) Cancel booking, registered users for a certain ONDA F.C. game/event are required to attend to their registered event on the confirmed date, time & location. If users can not attend to an event they registered for they need to cancel their booking online. Users can do this by sending a mail to [email protected] or chat with us or online using the chat on the webpage.

i) Credit cost when cancelling within # hours before the start time of the game/eventIf users cancel their registration within certain number of hours prior to the event they registered for, ONDA F.C. is allowed to charge the credit used for the registration of that event:

– Game cancellations can only be refunded if cancelled 4 hours before starting time of the game. 

– Game cancellations for morning games can only be refunded if cancelled the evening before the day of the morning game before 8PM
– Small events, events <30 people, cancellations can only be refunded if cancelled 24 hours before starting time of the event
– Big events, events 30+ people, cancellations can only be refunded if cancelled 1 week (7 days) before starting time of the event

E) Rules of engagement at game/event. ONDA F.C. is entitled to take measures if a user does not comply with the rules if engagement as stated below.

1)When not showing up for a game/event:
When during a year participants do not show up for a game/event they signed up for the following rules apply:
i) One time not showing up – Official warning & credit loss
ii) Second time not showing up – Second official warning & credit loss
iii) third time not showing up – Credit loss, Full block of the access to ONDA F.C., not able to access ONDA F.C. events anymore.

When the user account is banned and blocked the user loses all his pending credits left on his user account.

2) When too late for a game/event:

When during a month registered participants are too late for a event they signed up for for the following rules apply:
i) one time too late – First official warning
ii) Second time too late – Second official warning
iii) Third time too late – Block access to ONDA F.C. for one month, not able to access a ONDA FC event for one month

When the user account is banned and blocked the user loses all his pending credits left on his user account.

3) When violation of ONDA F.C. social principles, norms & values:
When during a year ONDA F.C. users violate the social principles, norms (as also partly presented in “our club” page):

– Players play social & inclusive
– Players ensure a positive good vibe
– Players play all together as a team
– Our players language during the game is Spanish or English
– We respect the ONDA F.C. host and decisions of the ONDA F.C. host
– Our players play safe and avoid any form of aggression

When we receive multiple complaints from other users/players or from our responsible hosts of the events and games the following rules apply:
i) First time violation of social norms, values & principles – Official 1st warning
ii) Second time violation of social norms, values & principles– Banned from ONDA F.C. and block current account on the web-app/site 

When the user account is banned and blocked the user loses all his pending credits left on his user account.

F) The event Host. The event host is a human (man/woman) who facilitates the ONDA F.C. on the event location. This Host is a “social connector” who provides the ONDA F.C. materials and service the people, manages the event and make sure everybody has a great time playing. We at ONDA F.C. are responsible for our service to provide our materials to play with, a local host and that teams are prepared. 

During football game events the host will lead the game but will never in any case function as a formal league referee. The host leads the games for as far as he can but We expect fair play & honesty of the ONDA F.C. players first, in situation of doubts or if there are obvious fouls or offsides the master will blow the whistle if needed.
Participants are required to accept & follow all instructions, instructions and decisions of a host during a ONDA F.C. event. ONDA F.C. is not liable for any damage you suffer as a result of any decision the host takes.

G)Risk.  Participating in an event of ONDA F.C. is at own your own risk and responsibility. ONDA F.C. is not liable for any injury or other damage caused to the location.

7. Privacy.
Your privacy is important to ONDA F.C.. The ONDA F.C. Privacy Policy is hereby incorporated into these Terms by reference. Please read the privacy policy carefully for information relating to ONDA F.C. collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information. When you make a reservation, ONDA F.C. will have access to certain information about you, such as your name and email address, so it can provide services to you, communicate with you regarding the event you reserved and send you other communication that may be of interest to you such as marketing offers. Please see the Privacy Policy for more information.

a) ONDA F.C. S.L. Photography Waiver. By accessing and/or using the site and/or products and/or events you give ONDA F.C. S.L. and/or their duly appointed representatives the irrevocable right to use and make photographs (still, film, tape or otherwise), to use and record with a video or audio recording device, picture, portrait, photograph, and/or likeness in all forms and in all media including, but not limited to, brochures and websites, social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok) and in all manners (“Likeness”), without any restriction. The user’s Likeness can be used in any medium, activity(ies), products and/or services, including but not limited to for advertising, for publication or any other lawful purposes. The user waives any right to inspect, modify or approve any intermediary version(s) of the results of the use of the undersigned’s likeness. The user waives their right to any form of compensation from ONDA F.C. S.L. and/or their duly appointed representatives. 

B) Use of name/profile for membership website
By accessing and/or using the site and/or products and/or events you give ONDA F.C. S.L. and/or their duly appointed representatives the irrevocable right to use your name/surname & created profile to be shown on the website/Web-app for other registered users.

8. Product Store.
A: Agreement: The agreement shall be concluded when you place an order through our webapp and ONDA F.C. has sent you a confirmation e-mail of your order by e-mail.

ONDA F.C. has the right not to accept your order if:

  • You have failed to accept our Terms & Conditions
  • The provided information is not correct or complete
  • The delivery address indicated by you is not in Valencia or its suburbs.

ONDA F.C. shall inform you as soon as possible if it does not accept your order.

B: Price & Payments: The prices indicated on the website at the moment of payment is a total price, including delivery and taxes applicable in the European Union. The prices are included with VAT (value added tax).

  • ONDA F.C. can only accept payments made throught the online payment platform on the website
  • ONDA F.C. can not be held to an offer on its website if you reasonably understand that the offer, or a part of it, contains an obvious mistake or writing error, such as an unusually low price. We request you to contact ONDA F.C. if you have any doubts about the correctness of our products.
  • ONDA F.C. gives the right to its members to purchase our products up to a 20% discount.

C: Delivery: ONDA F.C. will will process and deliver your order as soon as possible, but in any event within 30 business days after the date of the pre-order. The delivery dates are based on the circumstances known by ONDA F.C.

  • Your order will be delivered during one of our games or pick-up point we have agreed after your purchase. ONDA F.C. will make sure to contact you for discussing your delivery preferences.
  • ONDA F.C. will make an effort to deliver your order complete and in good condition. In the event that the products delivered are not complete or damaged, we request you to contact us as soon as possible.

D: Guarantee: The warranty period for ONDA F.C. products is 1 year from the date of delivery. The warranty applies only to the first owner of the product. ONDA F.C. guarantees that the goods supplied meet the usual requirements and standards of private use and are free of any defects whatsoever.

No warranty claim is valid if the defect is the result of:

  • Normal wear and tear and poor maintenance
  • External influences, such as the action of moisture (perspiration, condensation or otherwise)

E: lifetime of our products: ONDA F.C. do its utmost to reproduce the products as faithful as possible on its webapp. If you are of the opinion that the product ordered by you does not correspond with the description on the website – at the time when the product is ordered – you can use your right of withdrawal. See article G for more information about your withdrawal rights.

  • The lifetime of our products depends on the products material and the way in which and the intensity in which you use the product. In order to ensure that the products will maintain their longest lifetime and highest quality, it is important to observe the instructions and washing instructions.

F: Change of order: From the moment of arrival of the product, the consumer has the right to change the order within 10 days.

G: Cancellation of order: When purchasing an order, the consumer has the right to dissolve the agreement without giving reasons for at least 10 days, beginning on the day of receipt of the product purchased by or on behalf of the consumer.

If the consumer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, he may only unpack or use the product to the extent necessary to assess whether he wishes to keep the product. During this period, the consumer shall handle the product and the packaging material with care and only in a manner as he would handle this product in a physical store. The consumer will return the product with all delivered accessories and as far as possible in the original condition and packaging, in accordance with the reasonable and clear instructions indicated by the entrepreneur.

H: ONDA F.C. observes due care in handling your provided data. You can consult our privacy policy here.

9. Contact
For any questions related to our terms & conditions and privacy policy you can contact us at [email protected]. Or feel free to reach out to us using the chat provided on this website.

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